Monday, June 29, 2009

Spring Blossoms Mini Quilt Swap Revealed

This is the quilt that I sent Mindy ( and she received) for the Spring Blossoms Mini Quilt Swap. I loved making this yo-yo basket quilt. Its all hand made (well, I did add the binding on one side by machine :).

It was alot of fun...there really was no pattern to follow, I just counted the bottom row of yo-yos, appliqued them in place and then subtracted and later added to the length of each row to create the basket shape. I laid out the handle yo-yos and then I basted them in place (only basting I did ;) I added the stems, (I had an oops there-I'd appliqued all of the top row of yo-yos so I had to open the ones I wanted the stems to go under and then re-applique them), then the flowers and then the leaves-sliding them under the basted handle as need be. Then I finally appliqued the handle on.

Remember when I had all that computer trouble: this quilt is the silver lining. I had plenty of time for doing my own hand work since I couldn't go looking at all the wonderful work being done elsewhere. (BTW, it happened again this week-end! but this time the cable company finally sent a repairman so I hope that is finally done with!)

Here's a close up of the yo-yos. They're 5/8" in circumference...1/2" just didn't look as good. You can see I used lots of 30s repros.

Here's a close-up of the hand-quilting. I used the little birds from the love birds heart that I designed for the wedding quilt.

Stop off at Mindy's blog and check out her beautiful applique quilt Fleur Pastelles.


Anonymous said...

Oh I love the yo-yos. Love that it's hand quilted too. Awesome!

Susan said...

Ooooh Miri, this is just wonderful. I love those yo-yos. Have never seen them used like this. Yes, this quilt really says Spring!

Lee said...

That is absolutely beautiful, so delicate and great hand quilting too!

paula, the quilter said...

That is just too precious!

The Stiletto Mom said... pretty! I wish I had the talent to do that, I love nothing more than a gorgeous, comfy quilt!

Julia said...

It's gorgeous Miri...I love it!
So fresh and pretty..
I do love yo-yo's..
Julia ♥

Eileen said...

his is a stunning piece of artwork. I hope the recipient treasures it!!! I know the work that goes into making those tiny yo-yos.

Neabear said...

Wow!!!! This is gorgeous! I can definitely appreciate the time that went into making this. So special!