Sunday, December 27, 2009

Book Review: Exit Music by Ian Rankin

This is the last in the Inspector Rebus novels and the first that I have ever read. I know this is coming at this a bit backward but I’m not upset at all…I don’t think I really would like to read another.

I know these books are very popular…the book told me so: on the cover: Number One Bestseller and at the end of the book, well, 16 pages of Reading Group Notes including a bio of the author (he’s an OBE and his books have been translated in 30 languages), a list of discussion of points about all of the Rebus books and then a plot summary and discussion points on this specific book!.

So why am I bucking the trend…well, I’m not sure I am. Maybe if I had read the earlier books I would have enjoyed this more. It is very well written and it moves quickly (it was great reading it on the treadmill-the time just flew by). Maybe DI Rebus just needed to grow on me.

As it is, the 418 pages of complicated possibilities as to who murdered the poet and why, and other mayhem related to that murder (or not), was very interesting and then the whole was cleared up, rather prosaically too, in less than 30 pages-with nothing related to the previous complicated possibilities! (That’s a spoiler but what can I do!) That is what turned me off.

This is my twelfth and last book review for the 2009 Support Your Public Library Challenge. Happy New Year!


karenfae said...

the year is coming to an end and what better to do then read and quilt. Hope the upcoming year will be a great one for you.

Micki said...

I enjoyed your book review. I am in the middle of the Sara Donati series and loving the books. Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...
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Ulla said...

I'm a fan of DI Rebus on TV, but never read any of the books by Ian Rankin. I guess they can be very different, and one of the main attarctions to me is his Scottish accent, something I can't get in touch with in a book.
The book reviews are an excellent idea.