Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Tidying my sewing room!

I've been busy cleaning my sewing room...I can't believe how many days it took. Organizing the fabric in my closet went quickly, it was when I started on the little plastic drawer cabinet that I got stuck-mired in little bits of fabric.

This drawer was the last and the worst-its the drawer I just toss bits in when I'm cutting, sewing and (bad girl) after I've finished a project. You can see what I mean. But its done! Doesn't that look nice, all ready for a new year (because I don't think I'll change my habits!)
Here's the strip drawer, now all nice and organized and replenished too!

I was smart though. While I was cleaning up I kept my next project in mind and pulled the fabrics and strips-all darks-that I knew I would want and laid them on my ironing board. Do you use your ironing board as an extra table?

My next project, a bed quilt for DS - now at Uni and with his own apartment, will be these strips and these red squares...more about this later when I've actually sewn something! :)


Ulla said...

At first I thought you have sneaked in my sewing room to take a photo, but then I didn't recognize any of the fabrics. Well done with all that organizing, you are welcome to continue here.

karenfae said...

I have most of my little bits organized by keeping them in small boxes, pressed and laying flat. Now one day I really need to get those boxes open and make something with them. Other wire boxes that are open and I can see into I have small pieces - fat quarters and less - they use to be arranged by color - and somehow they are now all messed up LOL - I need to reorganize I think.

Lee said...

looking good. seems like I am always reorganizing my sewing area (don't have an actualroom). but it is fun to play with the fabrics!

Micki said...

It's great to get organized for the New Year. Great job!

Rene' said...

How great to start the new year organized!!! I have a bin like yours where I throw in the extra pieces while I am cutting and sewing. I think of it as my To Be Filed folder ;-) When I get a chance, I go through it and get it sorted.

Ann said...

How long did you take to tidy your sewing room. When I had a sewing room, I find that I had fabric all over.

I made a Chinese quilt just once all by my self.


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