Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Some highlights from our trip

We're back from our month long trip to the US...of course, we had a wonderful time with family and friends. I thought I'd share some pix starting with: the grandbabies!
I caught them coloring! That's Ella first and then Mika-they're 22 months old now.

We had so much fun with them in Boston-just hanging out, going to the park, reading them books-you know-doing grandparent things. :)

We spent about a week in Philadelphia and had several outings planned but then I got sick-nothing serious just it put a kibosh on the outings. We did take a one day trip to Washington, DC-our daughter was testifying before a joint Congressional committee on human rights in China! Proud Mama? You bet!
 I finally got to the DAR Museum-every time I've been in Washington, its been closed.
Here's a bad hat hair  picture to prove that I actually finally got there.

 They allow no pictures inside-We saw a wonderful fashion exhibit and some quilts. DH always has my best interests at heart-I saw 2 quilts and thought that was it. He brought over a guide and she showed us how to pull out sliding display doors and there were 6 more quilts! Not one was one of the famous DAR quilts however. :( 

We had a wonderful week in New York with our daughter-we went up to Hyde Park (FDR's home) and just generally enjoyed the snow! I stayed an extra day with her and went to the Metropolitan Museum and my most favorite place: the New York Public Library where I read some Godey's Lady's Book magazines from the 1870s, (See why its one of my favorite places?)

Happy New Year to all...its good to be home.


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

sounds like a good time other than being sick! glad you had a chance to visit family and see sights

Roslyn said...

Nothing better than time with the grandchildren is there? Unless it's with their parents too!
Glad you are home safe & ready to quilt up a storm!

Heather said...

for me its my kids and nieces and nephews, but they are a joy to spend time with as well. Glad you had such a lovely trip and finally got to the museum.

Lee D said...

Glad you had an awesome visit with your family and played tourist too! Its always good to be home though