Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Olive and Mango trees blooming

I'm feeling much better-the shot really worked! No more tears! Thought you might like a peek at the culprits of all my woe! :)

This is a flowering olive tree...beautiful isn't it?
Its in this olive grove right across from our house. Yes, that's our entryway and picket fence...that's only a little bit of the grove (its long and thin only about 4 trees deep).
Here's a view of Migdal and the large orchards in the valley...our house is on a hill so we look down on the orchards. The dark green in neat rows are new mango trees...not much to trouble me this year...the reddish color is from the mango trees in bloom and the dusky green are the olive trees.

This is a mango tree in full bloom...its from the orchard across from our house at the back of the house-not as close as the olives but alot closer than the trees in the valley.

I'm torn every year by the beauty of the flowering trees and the havoc they wreck on me. My favorite are the little yellow flowers of the olive trees that are now starting to fall like snow-so tiny, delicate and lovely.
I'm feeling so much better that I think I can actually sew something!


karenfae said...

The are that you live looks pretty. I know what you mean about the allergies though. I love trees but my allergies are bad mainly in the spring but yet all round too.

Barb said...

Where you live is very beautiful but with all beauty sometimes comes misery....hope you do get to sew today!!

GardenofDaisies said...

Lovely trees! (Sorry they are causing you such misery though.) Your view is beautiful!

Susan said...

I feel for you dear, I know what allergies can do to one's life. It is good of you to see the beauty of your surroundings during the spring season. Your views are spectacular.

Sarah and Jack said...

What a view!