Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Berlin Wall-20th Anniversary of the Fall

We got to Berlin just in time for the 20th anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall. Here you can see how the line of the Wall has been marked in the pavement...
and here it continues onto the sidewalk with one of the pieces of the Wall. This is at Alexanderplatz where there was a "History Walk" set up as part of the festivities to celebrate the anniversary-the sigh says Democracy and Human Rights. DH and I spent about 2 hours walking along and reading everything that led up to the Fall on November 9, 1989. I, of course, remember it from the news but it was quite different to be standing right where the Wall had been.
We went to the nearby Mall to warm up! :) (What a difference 20 years makes!) I thought it was a lovely mall...DH thinks they all look the same!
Posted by PicasaWe didn't go out for the big party at Brandenburger Gate (we watched it on TV :) as it was very rainy and miserable last night! How old are we!


karenfae said...

It was so nice though for you to be able to see the area even if you didn't attend a party! I can't begin to know how the people of east and west lived before the wall came down, to be so close to your family but yet to be separated by a wall - so many families were divided by that wall.
I'm afraid the young people will never begin to understand how the older generation lived.

Barb said...

Now that is truly exciting...love the pictures once again!! Keep them coming.

Susan said...

The thoughts that must come when Berliners pass over the bricks in the pavement--a cold reminder. And your comment on how old are we made me chuckle. I guess it depends on the weather now.