Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Rhine, the Romans and the Return Home

We took a day trip with our friend Gabi and her brother from Bad Hamburg to the Rhine. We crossed the river by ferry... to the medievil town of Bacharach . It was raining so I'm not sure if this is a bit blurry from the rain or my inept photography. You can see how one house has an overhanging second floor-very popular during the Middle Ages. (I remember that from elementary school!)
We ate a wonderful lunch (sauerbraten and spaetzle) at this half-timbered Inn, built in 1368! and appropriately called the Altes Haus (Old House!).

The next day, we went to the Roman ruins and museum/fortress near Bad Hamburg. Kaiser Wilhelm rebuilt the fortress that was one of many on the border between the Roman Empire and those pesky folks outside . (Handrian's Wall in England served the same purpose.) The grassy mound is part of the unexcavated wall.

While building the fortress complex, archaeological excavations discovered about 100 wells and pits in the area-filled with refuse...ancient trash-archaeological treasure! I have never seen such wonderful finds before.
Here is a cabinet filled with shoes found in the pits. The black shoes are Roman-the brown are reproductions made by the museum!-a wonderful idea! There must be at least 6 different styles of shoes, some open toed and others closed.

There was also quite a bit of pottery, tiny samples of cloth, lots of tools, arms etc. but I thought I'd share some wonderful, wonderful pottery that reminds me of Japanese Jomon pottery.

Aren't these faces wonderful!
We're now back home and it is nice after almost a month away and of course, just in time for Thanksgiving!


karenfae said...

I love the pottery - pottery is my weakness - I love it and would fill the house with it if I had room - I don't so I don't have many pieces.
Your trip looked so great and thanks for sharing all the photos, I can't begin to imagine what it is like to live in an area with so much history! Now you need to get settled in back at home -

Susan said...

This is so interesting. Last night I watched on History Channel Ancients Behaving Badly. It was on Caligula. They told how he used the Rhine to try invade Britain. The shoes are wonderful--not only sandals.

Bea said...

Welcome home, what wonderful pictures you have of your trip. Love those shoes and the pottery, wow. That one photo of the street scene with the cobblestones is just beautiful. :)Bea