Monday, November 23, 2009

Some thoughts and Yo-Yos from our trip

Some thoughts from our trip:

1. Germans love Italian food...I think every block had at least one Italian restaurant if not two! and breads and rolls...Mmmm, and a very delicious sweet cinnamonny biscuit called a Wuppi Zimt!

2. Cobblestone streets make wearing high heels impossible!

3. Bike paths are on the sidewalks not in the street so watch where you walk and even wait for the bus! I was pleasantly surprised that DH escaped unhurt.! :)

4. Use the S-Bahn subway system or buses in Berlin. Everytime we used the U-bahn subway, we had a misadventure...the last time we had to go 5 stops...after 2 stops I had the feeling the train was going in a different direction than before: how ridiculous! I thought...until we ended up back where we had started! There was work going on on the line and we had to change from the U1 line to the U2 line after 2 stops, go 2 stops, change back to the U1 for 1 more stop...see what I mean! (We also once walked for about an hour, never found the station (walked past 3 of them apparently) and ended up taking a cab back to our hotel!)

5. We went to 2 concerts and 1 opera and about a dozen museums-both big and small!

6. We had a great time!

7. I thought I would take something along to sew so I grabbed this pack of circles-all cut and ready to be sewed into yo-yos for my yo-yo quilt. (More about that later...stay tuned for The Yo-Yo Quilt Story :)

This is what I got done! All of 25 yo-yos...but at least they're sewn together!


karenfae said...

I don't think we ever get done with as much hand work that we think we will do when we travel - we are having too much fun doing other things and it sounds like you had a lot of fun and adventures.

Barb said...

Loved hearing about your adventures and did get some yo yo' made.....they look great!

Micki said...

I enjoyed hearing about your vacation in Germany, and the yo yos are so cute!

Bea said...

I enjoyed reading your list of advise tips. :) :)Bea

Carrie P. said...

Still learning lessons even on a trip. lol. I have been wanting to make some yo yos. I want to use them in a pillow. Yours look great.