Thursday, November 5, 2009

More embroidered beauties from Munich

I wanted to share some more of the wonderful things I saw in Munich (Picasa is very bossy and would only let me upload 4 pictures! in my last post.)

This is a corner of the Courtly Love embroidery showing a kneeling woman. The embroidery was done in silk and gold threads…I’m not sure what the red background was-it may have been paint!

IThis is from a different embroidery-isn’t it a wonderful face!

Does this make you think of an applique quilt?...its a wood inlay table!

All in all, we’re having a wonderful visit so far-days visiting museums and evenings talking and eating with friends! And enjoying the beautiful fall foliage!

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karenfae said...

sounds like you are having a wonderful time - my idea of a perfect vacation when visiting a city is making the rounds of the museums and parks and finishing off with good things to eat (and maybe through in a little shopping). How long are you in Germany for?

Ulla said...

The embroideries are beautiful, and so is the wood inlay table. I can just see an applique with wool or cottons.

Eileen said...

Such beauty.. and the fabrics look so delicate. You are right about that table!