Sunday, March 14, 2010

I'm back after a crazy couple of weeks!

It has been crazy ever since my started off great-DS came up from Tel Aviv for the week-end after my birthday and brought with him DD's best friend since 8th grade (I call her my other daughter) and we all had a great time. Sunday night I started having terrible pains in my side-I was sure it was muscular and the doctor agreed but I have no idea what I did-Dr. thinks I was in a draft (sort of a stiff side rather than a stiff neck!) Have you ever heard of such a thing! I'm telling you-60 and the aches and pains begin. :) I had to stay in bed for days...not much fun.

We've been having problems with out internet connection so I couldn't even go blog hopping while I was laid up. Its finally fixed-I hope-and I'll be around visiting very soon.

I'd been working on the commission quilt-remember those beautiful bright fabrics-lots of oranges-that I showed a while ago. Well here's a peek at what I've done with them.

Yes, it is a disappearing 9 patch-that was the design the customer picked...I played with it a bit and turned the blocks on point and turned some to form double Xs whle others were positioned
to make long "slashing" rectangles. Its now basted and half machine quilted-I hope to finish quilting the center tomorrow and then the border (which you can't see in this pix.) I need to get this finished before allergy season hits...I can see the mango trees are starting to bloom already.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Its My Birthday...and I'll cry if I want to

Yep Happy Birthday to me! Not that I'm so excited by this, not at all. Most birthdays I just happily ate cake.

16- I didn't even bother to get my driver's license until 17.

18-no big deal...still couldn't vote.

21-okay so now I could vote but it wasn't an election year.

30-took it in stride.

40-now that was a tough one and I have the jewelry to prove it.

50-went out and got a treadmill.

55-oooh, not so nice especially when I realized my face had fallen. But I bucked up-bought all those anti-gravity creams.

But this one...oh dear...60 years old!

How is this possible?