Saturday, June 17, 2017

Quilting my Iris Quilt

I'm finally quilting my Iris took a while, partly because I didn't like the border I put on originally so being dissatisfied I left it in the closet :) and partly because I just really wasn't up to dealing with it. I did finally figure out the border I wanted, removed the old border and added the new. The link above shows the old border. This photo just shows part of the center...yes, I'm kind of keeping the new border hidden still.

I decided to go with an overall florally look - not very original but... I am proud of how I got in between and around the petals keeping the pattern going in the tight spots. This of course is all done on my home machine.

What are your working on? Probably not something as old as this.

I do think I deserve a Whoop Whoop! Take a look and see all the other great projects being finished or at least worked on :)  this week.