Friday, June 29, 2012

Basted Iris Applique blocks

I've been busy this week basting applique blocks. I'm not quite ready to stand and rotary cut for a long time or sew at the machine (so work on the postage stamp quilt is still on hold) but sitting and basting blocks has been perfect. It feels so good to be working on a project again.
If you look closely at the middle yellow flower, you can see that I use a drawn line when I do needleturn applique. :)

On this basted block, I've even made some applique progress...the leaves, stem and bottom right petal are done and as you can see by my needle, I'm working on the top right petal. These blocks go pretty fast...the stem is really the most "trouble".

Friday, June 22, 2012

Have you ever had mono?

Well I didn't have mono but I had something similar that knocked me on my back just like mono. Its called CMV and its a viral infection in the liver rather than the spleen like mono. It started with a high fever and head ache (probably from the fever). General lab tests showed ssomething not quite right with liver. Specific lab test showed it was not anything more serious (all the different hepitits(es) were eliminated (thank goodness). This is just one of those viral things that many people get and they get it so mild that they don't even know they've had it. But not me...oh no. I've been running a steadily decreasing fever for over 6 weeks. I barely did anything...if I started watching a TV show, I'd fall asleep in the middle and the same with reading. I don't think I ever slept so much. Dan was amazed that I could sleep so much during the day and still sleep at night.

I'm finally starting to feel like myself. I've been reading blogs through Google Reader-my son put Flipboard on my iPod touch which was wonderful-it gave me access to news, blogs, etc. without trying to sit up at the computer or even my netbook.

Now I'm even going to start basting another applique block...Yeah!