Monday, August 27, 2012

Bad News - Broken Arm

I can't believe how stupid I am. I fell in my kitchen and broke my arm at the shoulder. No cast, just a sling, which in a way is even worse because I have to keep my arm immobilized. 
Not sure how long this is gonna take to heal, but when this happened to my daughter it took 6 weeks - so it looks like I'll be out of commission for a while. 
So glad I got the free donkey pattern post up before the calamity.

No more postings until I'm up and running.

Note: This was typed under threat of force by DS.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Free Pattern - Donkey Block

I paired the 12" x 12" Donkey blocks with a 12"x12" 9-patch block (you could pair it up with any 12"x12" block - I just took the easy route).

Here's a closeup of the finished Donkey block. Here's the link to the FREE pattern for making this Donkey block!

Hope you have fun making it!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Donkeys...real and fabric

You've probably been wondering if I've been sewing at all. Well, I have been-a little bit. It's still very hot in my sewing room so I brought a cutting board into the living room where the air conditioner is strongest. 

A few months ago, I was sitting outside and saw our neighbors had some visitors. (We live on a hill so these neighbors are below us-the light green shrubbery is ours.)

Two donkeys and some sheep!

He's just so cute! I got inspired to try my hand at designing a donkey block (along the lines of my elephant block.) So I got out some graph paper and...

and some fabric...

So now I'm working on a donkey quilt!  Hmmm, I guess lambs are next! 

Monday, August 20, 2012

Swimming in the Sea of Galilee

This is the view from our house-that's the Sea of Galilee. I just heard a very Ewww report on the news: the FBI investigated and the House of Representatives reprimanded a group of US Congressmen for skinny dipping in the the Sea of Galilee! And DH and I went swimming the other day.

Perhaps Rep. Yoder (R-KS) should have listened to this song.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Iris Quilt Flimsy Finished

I finished the Iris Quilt flimsy. I first added an inner border to the sides of the quilt.

In the original 30s pattern, the applique was done on elongated hexagon blocks (think Japanese lanterns-a popular 30s shape) rather than on rectangle blocks. I didn't see the point of that but I did want to "reference" the original so I decided that I'd create a border that gave the silhouette of a lantern shape.

I just went with a brighter yellow for the outer border. Excuse the photo-the quilt top is straight but it doesn't look it in this pix! :)

The quilt top finishes at 50" x 60".  Its a 6" it looking a little heavy in this pix? Should I think about cutting down the border? LOL! I didn't think it looked heavy until I saw this pix.

I pinned back the side borders to about 3"...

Not sure I like it better. Ugh! I hate when indecision rears its ugly head.

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