Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Vintage Thursday Thingie: Jewel Tea Company Cook Booklet

Vintage Thursday Thingies: Jewel Tea Company Cook Booklet

Since Lynn shared her vintage goodie from the Jewel Tea Company last week, I thought I’d show my Cook Booklet from the same company this week.

The Jewel Tea Company began home delivery of groceries in about 1901, and continued home delivery of groceries until 1981. Actually, home delivery is I think the wrong expression, I think you could choose your groceries right then and there. They became well known for their premiums (like Green Stamps or today, frequent flier miles).

Here’s their Homemakers Institute Kitchen.
I like the way all the recipes say things like: ¼ teaspoon Jewel Pepper or Jewel peanut butter or Jewel Vanilla Extract.
Mary Dunbar was a combination of spokesperson and dietician and like so many others in the 1930s, Mary Dunbar was not her real name. It was Leone Rutledge Carroll. I don’t why this fake name thing was so popular in the 1930s but it was (in food there was Ann Page (A&P) and of course, Betty Crocker and in quilting Aunt Martha and Grandma Dexter and many more too.)

The back of the booklet has lots of interesting information on everything from removing stains, to Beauty Culture: “Cleanliness is the first secret of beauty.”! to Table Setting and Rules for Serving. All featuring Jewel Tea Company products of course.

I wish the Jewel Tea Company car could come to my house.

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Coloradolady said...

What a great little booklet. I think I am going to try the cocktail sauce recipe. As always, old kitchen related booklets and pamplets always peek my interest.

Karla Cook @ Roads to Everywhere said...

Very cool! Apparently they wanted you to think that the recipe wouldn't turn out right if you didn't use Jewel brand ingredients! LOL!

mub said...

I need a pamphlet with table setting rules *L*

Charlotte said...

I love these old cook books. I remember hearing about Jewel Tea back in the 40s. My mother had some dishes that I think may have come from them.

Diane said...

Very nice vintage cookbook. A real keeper.

Grandma Faith said...

That's a great old book. I think my mom has some dishes from Jewel Tea. Take care.

Finn said...

Hi Miri, welcome to the New Years Eve UFO Challenge *VBS* I'm so very happy to have you stitching along with the rest of us. I have your blog addy now, and I will add your name and project number this morning. If you want to let me know I will add items as you finish them behind your name. Or you just post them on your blog, or both.
I've chosen NOT to list what UFOs I will finish, as I change my mind often...LOL. Several times already, since we started in Aug.
It's all in good fun, no pressure, no finger pointing or quilt police, just cheering each on to victory. Even ONE finished is a victory. Hugs, Finn
P,S, I LOVE your blog and Vintage Thursday stuff!!

Karen said...

I can remember the Jewel Tea truck coming to our house when I was a child. My mother had dishes that came from Jewel Tea. I don't remember anything else about it.

Eli said...

And I thought I was the historian in the family!