Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Crazy Month

It has been a crazy month! Suddenly we had a house full of people-DS the younger came back from his trip and then DS the elder and his wife came for a nice long visit (he's in grad school at Harvard), plus other friends visiting for the summer...a regular B &B except I also wanted to join in the fun trips to the beach and swimming at the Sea of Galilee, etc.

Plus, I had a commission quilt to finish for a wedding...this was very interesting. I was really only the seamstress...the mother of the bride send out squares to friends and relatives for them to applique or embroider and she did a lot of squares herself. My job was to trim the squares to size, sew the top together according to her design and then quilt it simply so that the quilting didn't over power the squares (that's a quote!). I'm happy to say that I successfully fulfilled my mission and the quilt was picked up yesterday to the delight of all! I worked on it very early in the morning and late at night to finish it up so that I could spend time with the kids and other guests and still get it done. (Sorry, no pix)

The kids did bring me some goodies! -but I can't seem to upload any pictures today :( A wonderful cookbook from Denmark and a 50 yard bolt of Springs Bleached Muslin! Yeah! I have Bea to thank for this bolt of my very favorite background fabric for reproduction applique quilts. Last month, I complained about how I couldn't find this fabric anymore and that I had to buy Kona Cotton for my Poppies quilt. Bea sent me to a link where she thought I might find "my" fabric...it wasn't there but that got me thinking. If a blogging friend was kind enough to look around for a link for me...maybe I should go back and try again. (I had tried but had given up...never give up!) I found it and with perfect timing-they only ship in the US but DS was coming and the bolt got there just in time for him to bring it! Thanks again Bea!

With the house so full, I don't think I could have gotten near the computer if I had had the time...so I'm off to catch up on a month of all your interesting activities!


Ruby said...

Welcome back! Sounds like you had a busy, fun, family filled month. :)

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

sounds like you have had a busy time, I had noticed you were not blogging for awhile and thought you were vacationing. Sounds like a great time you have had and such luck with the fabric too!
Sounds like an interesting quilt that you made - the mother really put some thought into what she wanted didn't she.

Neabear said...

Wow! Busy times! Glad to have you back now.

Bea said...

You've been very busy but it all sounds like some wonderful memories made. I'm so glad you found what you were looking for. Sometimes when I put out a question in my blog I get a lot of helpful ideas from my blogging buddies, too.
It always makes me smile.
So, what's your next quilting project? I can't wait to see. :)Bea

Micki said...

Welcome back, and you seem to be really involved in neat projects! Have fun with it all!