Sunday, May 2, 2010

UFO 9-patch blocks are finally becoming a quilt

I've had these blocks in the closet for quite a while. A few years ago, I made a 9-patch quilt for someone and had leftover strip sets so I made these 12 blocks.
I had set the original quilt on point with a plain square of this fabric alternating with the 9 patch blocks.
I really loved it and would have been happy to dublicate it for myself but I have only a quarter yard of this paisley left....that's why the blocks have been in the closet for years. I just couldn't get that quilt out of my head and I couldn't think of anything else to do with the blocks...anything I would really like that would have some of the same voluptuousness as the first quilt. (Can you call a quilt voluptuous?)
These are the rest of the fabrics leftover from the first quilt, I took them out of the closet and ..hmm, I suddenly knew what I wanted to do.
I'm going to use this quarter square triangle block as the alternating block.

I have to make 3 more 9 patch blocks and I've made the quarter square triangles blocks already. I think this is going to look good! Simple but good!


Barb said...

love the pasley

Teresa~ Gardening with Soule said...

Simple is good. It will be really pretty. You do nice work.

Heather said...

How exciting, that lightbulb moment when you figure out what to do. Am looking forward to the results.

Susan said...

Hi Miri, I know its been a long time but better late than never, right? I like the new plan for the blocks and I spy a print in your new fabrics that I am using at this moment. Its the blue paisley in the middle. Boy, do I have lots to catch up on:-)