Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Tuesdays Tomes: Christmas Holidays at Merryvale by Alice Hale Burnett

Tuesdays Tomes is a weekly book review of mainly vintage books.Christmas Holidays at Merryvale by Alice Hale Burnett is a little bit of Christmas cheer. This very short book written in 1916 and intended for very young readers is a delight for readers of all ages. It is part of Burnett's series for young boys and follows three fun filled days leading up to and including Christmas morning...looking in at the toy store window and hoping, a snowball fight (with forts!), a sleigh ride to get the tree and children's generosity towards other children.

Cheerfully read by Kara Shallenberg, you can download this free audio-book here, the free e-book in pdf. or kindle format here or just read it on-line here.

I'm sharing the lovely pencil drawn illustrations:


Elaine/Muddling Through said...

I love these types of books, Miri! I know times were really a lot harder then, but somehow it still makes me happy to hear about the simple pleasures people enjoyed then. Thanks for the link to this one and the review!

Heather said...

That's just what we looked like when we went to cut out tree on saturday.

Jan said...

Thanks for the links for this book. It sounds like a comfort read - just what I need right now!

Julia said...

Looks like a lovely read Miri..
I love stories about olden times when things were so much simpler..
I'm watching Anne (with an E) of Green Gables right now while i quilt..
Julia ♥

Allie said...

Thanks Miri, I'm off to get this one!

Micki said...

Vintage books are so special, esp. the drawings.