Monday, January 23, 2012

Postage Stamp Quilt's first 4 rows

I've started sewing rows on my postage stamp quilt! I've just sewn 4 rows so far...
 Looks a little skinny, doesn't it? but its a start. You can see the fabrics a bit more in the next two close-ups and also how I'm not being particularly careful about placement and repeats. LOL! Its just too much-too many little squares- I tried and failed!
 In postage stamp quilt tradition, I've got some novelties in there. (The red torch fabric is from the LA Olympics...been in the drawer a while! :)
 This is this wonderful batik that I always throught looked like people-I can't believe that I got this square just by strip cutting! What luck!
 All this strip cutting has cleaned out my "strip drawer" of all the dark fabrics! Yippee!
 Now I've started on the pieces drawer...some of these are the ends of fat quarters so I should get at least 2 1 1/2" strips from those...others have been more heavily depleted and all that remains is a rectangle of fabric.
 Here's what my work table looks like...lots of cut scrap square strips ready to be counted and added on to until I get what I need for each row. I'm hoping the rows will go a lot faster now with all this prep behind me. I'll keep cutting strips and sewing strata as I sew rows . I'm thinking I should sew some rows from further along in the quilt so I'll have a mix of fabrics all through it...I can't bear the thought of cutting everything now-way too boring! I need the satisfaction of seeing rows growing. 

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Coloradolady said...

This is great! Do you have a pattern for this design? I still have lots of squares and joined a charm swap here just this year. So I am looking for a new what to use the small squares! This is going to be great!

Roslyn said...

I like this too Miri & it's different from the other postage stamps I've seen.
I wish I could clear out my dark scraps that easily, sure you wouldn't like some of mine...........?