Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Progress on the embroidered mystery quilt

I've made some progress on the embroidered mystery quilt. I finished sewing all the setting squares and put them up with the embroidered squares on my - rather clever I think - make shift design wall...I don't know what happened to the flannel I used to use (I think I cut it up for something) so I took a twin sized flannel flat sheet, folded it in half wrong side out and taped it to the wall. 

When I designed the mystery quilt, it was with this layout.

If you squint, can you see the stars? It was a great layout for a mystery quilt with the surprise secondary pattern and the Redwork club participants really liked how their quilts came out. I didn't finish mine because that was just when I got sick with the CMV fact, I missed the last session and had to e-mail Barbie the layout.

Well, I just couldn't resist moving squares around...

and I've decided that I'm actually going to use this layout instead. (Don't tell on me! :)


Ulla said...

The change is amazing, I like the second setting of the blocks even better than the first one with the stars.

Roslyn said...

Well I like both but it's YOUR quilt so you get to choose!
Good to hear you are back at the quilting I am still struggling!

Lee D said...

I love the new layout. It showcases the embroidered squares better.

Karen said...

Beautiful blocks and both layouts are wonderful!