Wednesday, May 17, 2017

New Quilt Pattern Shop on Etsy

Wow! I can't believe it is so long since I wrote a blog post. 

What I thought was just a virus turned out to be one of those fatigue diseases. I'd just lie on the sofa and think about things to do and then never do anything! Thank goodness for Netflix and Kindle Unlimited. 

Dan and I just got back from a long--4 month--visit at our daughter's and oh what fun we had with our adorable little granddaughter. It certainly got my motor running and me off the sofa!

While there, my daughter and I talked quilts, quilt designs, and patterns. It ended up with her opening an Etsy shop..check it out. MamaNanaPatterns. I'm the  pattern tester :) 

The picture at top is Jitterbug and is lap quilt size and great on a kids bed.

The other pattern is called Tutti Frutti and is a baby quilt and a variation on a postage stamp quilt. A Honey Bun makes it so easy--instructions are included for scraps too.

Its good to be back.


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

glad to see you back to the quilting world - I had wondered what happened to you, hope you continue to blog.

Roslyn said...

I looked and looked for you for years Miri and became convinced that something awful had happened to you, I am SO happy you are "ok". I too have one of those fatigue diseases along with arthritis it makes life challenging but I will not let it beat me. SO happy you are back now. I am coming back from recent a total knee joint replacement slowly managing to return to something resembling "normal".Looking forward to following you once again and those designs are really sweet, what fun to be her pattern tetser!
Hugs to you my dear!