Monday, November 17, 2008

Plaids, plaids, plaids continued

I got a little sidetracked machine quilting but now I'm back working with the plaid fabrics. I've sewn some more blocks and just couldn't resist trying out settings a bit.

These are the original blocks-definitely better on point-I don't know why the colors have changed a bit-that fabric really isn't orange.

Here are the second type of block-the X blocks and I think they look better on point too. That actually surprises me-I thought these would be more interesting set straight.
It certainly makes things easier if both blocks look good on-point-I wasn't sure what I would do if one was much better straight set and the other much better on point! Now I just have to finish sewing blocks and think about what will I use in the triangles: plaid fabric or half-blocks?


Susan said...

Whatever one you use this is a inspiring quilt using plaids. That is a big difference placing it on point, I definitely like it that way. This was interesting to see it both ways...good lesson.

Neabear said...

You have gotten some interesting combinations there. I like the blue and the red ones. Placing them on point is definitely more interesting. Thank you again for the award. I will get to posting it. I promise.

KyQuiltlady said...

I like the plaid blocks. Yes, on point is best. A little more problem to set up but worth it. One of the girls in our guild said she is seeing more plaids.

Anonymous said...

i love your plaid blocks and on point...they're MAGIC!!

Eileen said...

ooo.. definitley the On Point. I love that look! Really nice.. I'm enjoying watching you make this.