Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A Proud American

I am an American living overseas in Israel. As we entered the 21st century 8 years ago I told my son how disappointed I was-nothing seemed different. That as a girl born right at mid-century I had imagined all sorts of fabulous things by the turn of the new century (remember the Jetsons? where was my Rosie?)

Today I feel we are in the 21st century. This is my generation's legacy-not a Rosie, not solar power but the American dream: you can be all that you can be. I am extra proud to be an American today.


Neabear said...

Now I know where you are living. I knew you are overseas, but didn't know where exactly. Interesting life you have.

KrispiS said...

Yes! For the first time in years, I too am truly PROUD to be an American! I feel confidant that things will change. We have a president-elect who will use his intellect and surround himself with others who will think!
Your cousin, Jules Feinberg was my husband's very close friend in high school. We connected with Jules and Chantal in Costa Rica last year. He knew of my interest in quilting, so sent your blog link.
I live in Friday Harbor, WA, and annually go to Costa Rica where our only daughter lives. Considering moving to Costa Rica.... how is the ex-pat life for you? You've been in Israel for many years, I understand.

Anonymous said...

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