Saturday, May 14, 2011

Mystery Quilt update: Last block embroidered!

Was Blogger hacked? I tried to post yesterday and I got a message that Blogger was down. I checked it out and it doesn't seem that Blogger was hacked-rather someone made an "Oops" during regular maintenance. Hope your post wasn't one of those eliminated.I've finished the last embroidery block for the mystery quilt. Its not a great picture because I took it with the block in place with all the blocks laid out on the bed. I've pinned the rows and have started sewing them! This is the large center block-12" x 12". The quilt also has 12 6" x 6" blocks and I actually embroidered 13 which was good because I didn't like how one block came out.

More pix later in the week-the mystery quilt is coming to completion!

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Paulette said...

How exciting, and how cute is that basket! I'm glimpsing the fabric underneath it. Those blues and grays are gorgeous!