Friday, July 22, 2011

Jelly Roll quilt beginnings

While in NY in the spring, I picked up my very first Jelly Roll: Moda's Modern Workshop by Liesl Gibson.

I started thinking about what I wanted to do with it. Sketch #1:
Sketch #2: I liked this better.
But in fabric...too much of good thing?
So now I'm thinking about this...
and this.
Once I got the idea of doing some single color blocks I dipped into my stash a little. :)

I'm just going to make some more scrappy blocks and then I'll put it back on the design wall and decide which way I want to go. (Did you notice the light switch: my design wall is truly a wall-I just stuck a little masking tape behind the blocks and stuck them on the living room wall.

What's on your design wall? Check out all the wonderful work on Design Wall Monday at Patchwork Times.


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

yes I would add some white in with it to set the colors off more - bright colors you have there!

Barb said...

I love the jelly roll your chose, the colors are awesome!

Elaine/Muddling Through said...

Jelly rolls are one of my favorite indulgences. Looks like you got a really pretty one. I'm sure you'll get that perfect quilt out of it! Can't wait to see.

Mindy said...

I've really enjoyed plundering around your blog this evening. I am not sure how I first arrived, but it was a sewing link of some sort. Anyway, I particularly have enjoyed reading your Tuesday Tomes! I love old books, especially ones written for older children. I've read several of Louisa Mae Alcott's and my most current favorite is Freckles. I can't remember the author off the top of my head, but I've recommended it to several friends who also really enjoyed it. I bookmarked your site and will be back to visit soon.

Chris said...

Looks good so far. I like the layout with horizontal and vertical blocks. Thanks for sharing your design process.

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

whenever I try to send you an email lately it is sent back as undeliverable - I wonder if you are having problems or is it mine - I thought I would try leaving a comment again on your blog as that seems to go through. The e mail I have for you is
is that correct?

AnnieO said...

I like all the squares together, and I like them spread apart. Either way, it's lots of scrappy goodness. Hope you find the right look for your quilt :)

Roslyn said...

I like either of the last two, the first as you say, too much of a good thing! it will be lovely with a nice WOW Miri.