Monday, December 29, 2008

NYC-Folk art quilts and more

Having a wonderful, busy time in NYC...just walking along the avenues in Manhattan is such a treat...very crowded however. I'd forgotten how many beautiful Art Deco buildings there are. That's my daughter in the white hat and her co-worker in front of their office building-I love the numbers and the grill work over the entrance.This is the painted ceiling in the entranceway-Dutch New Amsterdam and the skyscraper NY skyline!

I did get to see the Christmas windows at Lord and Taylor (Victorian scenes of favorite Christmas stories, songs, etc. just wonderful-the best windows by far-the attention to detail and workmanship of the clothes is amazing) but I couldn't get any pictures to come out, I kept getting me and the crowd reflected in the windows :( but no loss-you can see the windows here If you're ever in NYC at this time of year-don't miss the windows at Lord and Taylor-Macy's are ok, Saks Fifth-ok but even as a kid, I knew the Lord and Taylor windows were the best (that's at Fifth Avenue and 39th street).

We ate at Ellen's Stardust Diner-real singing waiters, met friends and family , caught a movie and stopped in at the Morgan Library and Museum to see the manuscript of the first book of Milton's Paradise Lost.

I went to the quilt exhibit at the American Folk Art Museum...very interesting. The theme was recycling and resourcefulness and there was one very odd quilt made of bits of old sweaters, scarves and even a 1920s bathing suit! Actually, I don't get it-why not unravel the sweaters, knit vests, etc and reuse the yarn? (ok, you'd still have the bathing suit!) I think the intention was to make something different and humorous more than to recycle...again, no picture taking allowed, you can see a selection of the quilts here but unfortunately not the sweater quilt. The postage stamp quilt was very beautiful-3/4" squares sewn into 5" blocks, creating "new fabric". The alphabet quilt was also a bit wacky-A-J was just as expected and then oops, lost some letters there but liked the H so much there were 5. I loved the Sunbonnet Sue quilt-she wears many styles of hats!

I'm off to Philadelphia tomorrow-lunch with friends and to the Philadelphia Art Museum for the Afro-American quilt exhibit...This is so much fun!

Happy New Year!!!


Neabear said...

Wow! You are having quite the trip in NYC. All kinds of fun places to visit. Thanks for your visit to my site. Happy Blue Monday!

Anonymous said...
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Susan said...

Happy New Year, Miri. I am so happy you're enjoying your visit. I have never been to NYC but my husband has and tries to discourage me from going. I love old architecture. Thanks for sharing.

Maggie R said...

Happy New Year Miri..
I so enjoyed this post.... Such a time you had... I have never been to NYC But have not ruled it out yet!!!
Drop by my blog..... I tagged you!

Eileen said...

This is so nice that you are taking us along with you on your trip. I'm glad you are having such a wonderful time. Happy New year Miri!

Anonymous said...
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Miri said...

Oops-sorry I didn't catch those odd comments earlier but I've had no access to a computer.