Tuesday, July 28, 2009

New Applique Quilt-Poppy Quilt

DH was away on a business trip for two days and I used the opportunity to baste up the medallion center of my latest hand applique quilt. I use an overlay so there is no marking on the background fabric- you can just barely see here the design drawn on the red dot overly. I cut the center leafy portion as one piece using a freezer paper template. I made reusable templates for the flowers heads by ironing the freezer paper templates to manila file folders making reversible templates.
Here you can see the medallion center basted but a bit distorted...I had to put it on the floor so the angle is a bit odd. Maybe this is better.

The pattern is from the back of a Mountain Mist batting wrapper from 1935-Painted Poppy, pattern 51...I just bought it last year here. This is a brand new wrapper that Mountain Mist saved to be sent out as patterns-I don't think this pattern was very popular which is probably why I got a real wrapper and not a reprint. With a little detective work, I've figured out that this was an early wrapper for the Blue Ribbon Batt...the hints: 1)"Glazene" is stated right on top of the Mountain Mist and 2) in the Quilting Suggestions, they clearly state not to quilt more than 2" apart (rather than 1/2").

Here's a hint as to why I don't think the pattern was too popular! Why would you have the flowers and not the leaves meeting in the center? My second change is I'm leaving off the scallops right up against the center flowers...this quilt had three rows of scallops!

Hope you like my changes to my newest needleturn applique project.


Bea said...

What good suggestions. This is going to be a pretty quilt when finished. :)Bea

Ulla said...

The poppies are very beautiful!

Susan said...

I do like your new applique. That looks like a big quilt.

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

how big of a quilt is this going to be? it will look nice, I always love poppies.

The Rabbit Factory said...

Your poppy quilt is going to be gorgeous..I just love the green fabric you have selected and can't wait to see what else you'll be choosing.

Elaine/Muddling Through said...

I think your version is gorgeous!

Phyllis said...

Hi, the quilt is beautiful.

I just read your previous post and what a great tip!!! Thanks so much for sharing both.

Carrie P. said...

I love what you are working on. It is going to gorgeous when you get done.