Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tuesdays Tomes: Dandelion Cottage by Carrol Watson Ratkin plus the real Dandelion Cottage

Tuesday Tomes is a weekly book review of mainly vintage books. If you’ve reviewed a book recently-new or old-send me an e-mail and I will link to your post.

Dandelion Cottage by Carroll Watson Ratkin

This week’s selection definitely falls into the category of young adult fiction. It’s the story of 4 girls aged 11-14 and very nice girls they are. In fact, they’re just a little too good to be true-what we used to “goody two shoes” and I just bet that this was a 1904 best seller with mothers of tomboys! Only one girl ever even gets her dress or face dirty! (Go Mabel)

The four friends, Betty, Jeanne, Marjorie and Mabel have a long summer before them when they hit on the idea of asking Mr. Black if they can use the old rector’s house, now empty and terribly run down as a play house for the summer. He agrees-once they pay the rent, they can have the key…the rent - ridding the entire front yard of all the dandelions! The girls get to work and then once they have the key, the fun of furnishing and decorating the house begins.

This is a delightfully light listen, pleasantly read by Betsy Bush.

Sorry, e-book readers but this book is only available for download as a free audio book.

You can purchase a copy of Dandelion Cottage from the Marquette Historical Society.

Here’s something fun to know: Dandelion Cottage really exists. Its located in Maquette, Michigan in the Upper Peninsula and is now owned by Kathy Pohl and her husband. You can read what she has to say about living in a fictional and historic home here.

And here's a photo of the real Dandelion Cottage as it looks today! Isn't it just the perfect color!

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Elaine/Muddling Through said...

Yes, it is a perfect color! I'd love to see inside. Going now to download the book. Thanks!!!