Monday, September 19, 2011

Hello from Copenhagen

Hello from Copenhagen! We arrived Saturday night and were met at the airport by our son who had arrived earlier that morning. We checked into our hotel and then were off to meet friends for dinner.

Yesterday we went to the Workers Museum which was very interesting. Besides the informative placards, the period rooms and the shopping street were fascinating.
Here's a photo from a 1950s workers apartment...pretty cool!

After that we went to the Rosenborg Castle and saw the Crown Jewels-or at least a selection of them. Fantastic. There was an absolutely gorgeous natural pearl necklace (you know what I mean-the pearls weren't perfectly round)-each pearl must have been the size of "jawbreaker" candy! And the diamond necklace-oh boy, the square cut diamonds were almost as big!

Three crowns were displayed but one was absolutely incredible with little figures and dolphins in ivory.

Besides the treasury, we also made a tour of the rooms of the castle. The most interesting-an all mirrored "closet". Fantastic!

Then we met friends again for dinner, including the bride and groom-to-be. They're off for a pre-wedding "honeymoon" to Amsterdam and will be back in time for the wedding on Saturday.
We're planning lots of interesting trips around we just went to the City Museum and saw the archaeological excavation of the first castle in Copenhagen-the ruins under the Christianborg Palace. Built by Bishop Absalon, the founder of Copenhagen in 1167, we really enjoyed tracing the old castle/city walls.

LOL! I took the little camera because it fits in my jacket pocket but alas no batteries! I've just fixed the problem and will have photos later this week!


Jan said...

Love that room & the shelving is especially intriguing to me. It looks like hinges to me.

Barb said...

Have looks like you are already....