Friday, October 10, 2008

Dancing Stars quilt-a vintage quilt reproduction

I'm skipping Vintage Thursday thingies this week but to see lots of vintage goodies, click on the button .

I haven't really written about the quilts shown in the banner above and I thought I'd start to do that today. The pink star quilt "Dancing Stars" is my reproduction of a vintage quilt pictured in Ruth Finley's book "Old Patchwork Quilts", the second book ever devoted to quilts and originally published in 1929. Its a wonderul book and she writes so well that you feel like you are having a conversaiton with her-a conversation spanning decades.
The original quilt is featured in a black and white photo in Plate 22. The caption reads "Evening Star A combination of piecing and applique. Colors brick-pink and liberty blue".

I made a few changes in my reproduction/interpretation: I chose to use two different pink fabrics and I changed the sashing using a striped fabric rather the pieced on-point squares of the original. There were little applique diamonds surrounding the stars which I eliminated and instead used small triangles in the corners of each block.

I hand quilted this quilt very simply-multiple echo quilting around the stars, outline quilting the sashing and dog tooth border and quilting a narrow cable in the white border.


Eileen said...

I love hand quilting. Tried to enlarge your picture to see it better. I could a little bit, and it looks lovely. But wish I could see it in person! :-)

Neabear said...

I had wondered about the quilts in your banner. Nice to hear about one of them. Looking forward to hearing about the other two.

Susan said...

Miri, love this quilt especially the use of just two pinks. Very dramatic on the white background. I would love to see a close up of your hand stitches, too. I learn so much from other quilters.

Betty said...

Thank you for your comment on my blog Miri. I'll be back to visit again. You are an extremely talented quilter. I wish I had your patience!