Sunday, October 26, 2008

More stars in my eyes: Star Quilt with Vine Border

I seem to have a lot of Star quilts; its something I hadn't realized before. This is another quilt that I've finished for the New Year's Eve Challenge. I'm so glad I joined this Challenge as its given me the oomph I needed: I've wanted to finish this quilt for a while (I really like it) but I couldn't think how to quilt it. I couldn't even decide if I should hand or machine quilt it. Under the pressure of just telling myself: ok, now's the time, I did it and I'm very happy with my quilting choices. I waffle quilted ( wavy line grid) the center

and I like the effect, then I outlined the machine applique vine very close to the vine (like in- the- ditch quilting) and quilted a cable in the top and bottom borders.

I had filled the centers of vines with my initials and multi-colored flowers, all done in outline embroidery( much like Redwork) so I decided not to quilt the background of the vine borders with a filler design (which I probably would have done if I had hand quilted.) I did once see a photo of a quilt that was machine quilted over outline embroidery designs but I guess I'm just not brave enough.

The machine appliqued vine border is inspired by the vines found in a mosaic floor from a 6th century synagogue at Naro in Tunisia. I used to work as an archaeological restorer, though never on mosaics (pottery, stone and once, Roman glass) . I love designs from ancient mosaics-years ago, we spent almost a week walking around Pompeii (the frescos are also wonderful). Ami Simms wrote a book "Classic Quilts:Patchwork Designs from Ancient Rome" years ago featuring designs from mosaics but she dealt with patchwork not applique designs.


Neabear said...

That is beautiful! You do such wonderful work on your quilts. Hope you are having a good weekend.

Eileen said...

Absolutely stunning. The vine border with the embroidery is a so exquisite! So interesting to hear how it was inspired. Beautiful quilt! Aren't you glad you finally quilted it?!

Jane O' said...

I just stumbled on your blog through My Dollhouse Adventures. I, too am a quilter -- since 1991. I really enjoyed scrolling through and looking at your beautiful projects. I'll be back.

Susan said...

I am seeing a pattern stars seem to be a favorite. I love pink although I have not made a star quilt yet. I like how you quilted it, too.

Roslyn said...

My first visit to your blog, Miri. I keep finding blogging quilters I didn't know about, I wonder just how many there are of us?
Your star & vine quilt is lovely, lots of work with all that embroidery!
And I love the sweet little pink geese quilt too.

Susan said...

Oh, this is so beautiful and soft-looking. The vine border and the unusual embroidery are wonderful. And the quilting gives it the look of a quilt that has been well-loved. But best of all, I love your soft and antique-y looking colors.
Am looking forward to seeing more of your work.

Browndirtcottage said...

oh miri....beautiful quilts you have done...such a nice blog...i'm glad you found your way over to mine...i'm so glad you don't swim in a bikini....i don't either!!! every tuesday i have a question..hope you come by next tuesday for the new question!!

Anonymous said...

It's gorgeous...the colours, the design, the quilting...I LOVE IT!!