Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Tuesdays Tomes: Something a little different this week -BBC Radio

I’ve had a bad audio-book week…first I couldn’t find the charging cable for my iPod and my battery was dead…then after I finally found it and charged my iPod, I lost the iPod! (Well, not really lost…more misplaced.) Finally found it (under the telephone book!-I ask you!) and started to listen to “32 caliber” only to discover it was awful…truly awful.

While I was iPod-less I discovered the BBC radio dramas. They’re all free and you don’t need to download-you can just listen using the BBC iPlayer-which means you just clink on the Listen Now button. You can find the full listing for the dramas now available herethe only thing is the recordings stay on for only 1 week and since it’s a chapter a day you need to make a choice that still has episode 1 available. I’m now listening to Daphne Du Maurier’s “The House on the Strand” but episode 1 is no longer available so it doesn’t help that I’m finding it very enjoyable.

Here are some of the dramas that have just started or still have episode 1 available for the next few days:

A Taste for Death-featuring that favorite detective Adam Dalgliesh

The Wind in the Willows, a childhood favorite

The Fever Tree.by Ruth Rendall

There's some true vintage fun on Radio 4-a radio soap opera. The perennial favorite, "The Archers" is available by daily or weekly podcast subscription right to iTunes. I chose the weekly omnibus subscription which means that I get about 70 minutes of English countryside goodness every week. I've heard of the "The Archers" but I'm a new listener so I'm just getting the characters straight...there is lots of help with this on the website including episode synopses and even a family tree. Now when I quilt or embroider and listen to my radio soap opera...why it could be the 1930s!


viridian said...

Thanks for shairng, and commenting on my blog. Happy VTT!

Ulla said...

I don't have an iPod or other such things, but I read books in bed every night for about half an hour. I just finished the newest Adam Dalgliesh novel by P.D. James, The Private Patient. Ruth Rendell is another favourite author