Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Beginning Two Bright Modern Quilts

There's been some exciting and unexpected news: I'm off to Boston next week! A shout-out from the kids is why. Tali's Mom has been with them since the twins' birth but she's leaving on Sunday...I'll get there on Thursday...they want a few days to try it out alone ! (But apparently not too many days! LOL!)

Sooo Jane has been put on hold and I've been having fun making some quilts for the girls. What a pleasure to be just quick cutting and sewing fabric!

I made a quick stop at Moda Bake Shop because I knew I wanted to make a modern quilt and that seemed like a good place to look for a quick and easy pattern. Sure enough, there was just the thing from Jaimie at Sunflower Seeds. I used her block design but I changed the size because I had only just so much of the bright fabrics I wanted to use and a lot of it was already cut into 5" lengths (leftover from a commission quilt I did).
The other quilt I've been aching to make for a while...yes, one of those coin quilts that I've seen just about everywhere. Well, here's my start on it. Its a bit of a mixture of a coin quilt and a string quilt because I've used different width strips! I wanted the twins' quilts to be different and yet the same and I'm getting there-different patterns but many of the same fabrics and the same bright summery feel.
Now its time for the borders and I'll have to work out something for the first one as my blocks are a lot narrower than in the original.

I've also finished the machine quilting on the Drunkard's Path (finally!) and I'm sewing the binding down. Yippee!


Barb said...

I am so excited for you. How long of a trip is that going to be? Love the quilts you are working on. I just love coin quilts.

beth said...

Have a great trip! Love those bright happy quilts!

Gari in AL said...

You will have a lot of fun with baby twins. Our twins, now 42, were such fun and were funny, too. Have a great time.

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

have a wonderful trip and stay in touch with us all with your blog. New babies are the greatest!!

Heather said...

Great choice of fabrics for the quilts for the girls. My mother did a similar thing when she made quilts for 8 of the little ones. MOstly the same fabrics in the all the quilts, but the patterns and the sizes varied. The kids loved having the same fabrics. She told me that after opening them, they sat together and checked each others new blankies and compared fabrics.

Have a wonderful trip.