Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Hand piecing project

I knew I would need something to sew while with the kids, so taking a leaf from Karen at Quilts, etc. I packed a zip lock bag with a hand sewing project. Now I haven't hand pieced in years but I do still know how to do it!
I had all of these rotary cut quarter circles left over from the Drunkard's Path quilt (they were the cut-outs from the not-quarter-circle pieces) in yellow and white. I just drew a line a 1/4" from the edge for my sewing line on the straight sides of the yellow quarter circles...

and sewed away using a simple running stitch. Voila!
(Ooops, voila again...anyone know why I can't delete this twice uploaded picture?)
I'm thinking I could sew whole circles and then applique them to a background...
or do something like this or just use them in the border of a not-yet-designed quilt. Lots of possibilities.
And, of course, I just have to add some baby Mika looking very minxish
and Ella in a quiet moment (lots of her pictures came out blurry because she's always on the go!)


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

glad to inspire :)
have a good visit with your family and the babies.

Coloradolady said...

Precious, Precious babies!!! You are so talented and come up with such neat ideas. Love the circles.

Enjoy your time with your family!! I know you are loving it.

Barbara Bamberger said...

I was wondering when we were going to hear about the babies! They are gorgeous! I hope you're enjoying yourself.

Roslyn said...

As a mother of twins[boys] & aunt to two more sets of twins I LOVE twinnies & these are adorable, Miri.!
I need a hand project to take to Australia next month, I have some hexagons I could work on.....or not?!