Saturday, April 23, 2011

Freedom on the Internet

-We all use the internet all the time. As bloggers from many different countries, I thought that you might be interested in a report that just came out: Freedom on the Net by Freedom House. This report is both a follow up and an expansion on the Freedom on the Net report from 2010 which covered 15 countries-this report covers 37 countries as you can see from the picture of the cover of the report.

You can look at the summary with easy to read charts and graphs and to-the-point analysis here or read the booklet of key findings with more analysis here or access the full report here.

Freedom on the net is such a timely issue with all that has been in news lately about how the Internet has provided an organizing tool for the protests around the Middle East.

Freedom House is an independent organization celebrating its 70th anniversary this year. I guess you would call it a watchdog of democracy. It issues annual reports on freedom around the world, press freedom and now internet freedom.

How did I find out about this fascinating report? DD (Sarah Cook) is one of the authors/editors.

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Roslyn said...

Hmmm interesting Miri, especially with all of the vague "threats" we have had in the US about the govt taking control of the internet!